Working with Alpacas and Llamas in Animal Assisted Activity, Therapy and Education

As public awareness of the benefits of animal-assisted interventions increases and more providers are looking to set up programmes, there is an ever growing need to ensure a consistent, responsible and safe approach to these interventions. 

The two day course is aimed at alpaca and llama owners who have an interest in working with their animals in Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI). You will leave with knowledge of the history of animal interventions, of the practical application of Camelidynamics handling skills, practical, legal and ethical considerations in programme planning and introduce ideas about how they may be used for the physical and psychological benefit of others.

Course content includes:
History of Animal Intervention
Therapeutic Effects of Contact with Animals
Use of Camelidynamics
Applied Behaviour Science
Handling -v- Training
Principle components of training an animal for AAA/T
Programme Planning and Implementation
Legislative requirements
Handler Training and Qualifications
Health and Safety
Day three is aimed at therapists and mental healthcare professionals who wish to work with alpacas and llamas in a more clinical arena.

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