Alpaca Trekking

Walking with Alpacas - are you sure?

Absolutely! These are naturally curious animals and given the opportunity to get out and about they love to nibble at new and interesting greenery (non-poisonous obviously), see new places and enjoy some different terrain. They're not that much different to us and like a break from the norm.
Simply Alpaca trekking
Alpaca Trekking
Covid Update:
We believe that the Governemnt's latest announcement will mean that SimplyAlpaca will once again be open for visitors to book walks and indoor fibre classes under 6 people from 4th July. 
Handling courses will continue as booked observing the 1m + social distancing reccomendation when indoors.

Walks can now be booked on the following days
Tuesday mornings 1030am
Thursday afternoons 2pm
Saturday afternoons 2pm

To ensure Covid safety, groups from more than one household will be limited to 6 people, larger groups from a single household can be accomodated.

You will be asked to confirm freedom from illness, fever, cough or loss of smell and/or taste on arrival and asked to use hand sanitiser. Soap and water handwashing facilities are available on return from the walk. Whilst leads will be washed between customers, the walks take place outside, and distance between walks can easily be maintained, all of which will minimise risk of transmission,  you are free to use gloves and a mask as you feel necessary.

We will not be offering tea and cake afterwards as we would have normally but for an additional £2 per person you are welcome to bring a picnic to have in the field afterwards.

As we have used Camelidynamics principles for halter and lead training, our animals are trusting and willing trail blazers, vying to be at the front of the queue when it comes to choosing who is going out today

Our f
amily and friends enjoy a different sort of  walk! We would like to offer this exciting and unusual opportunity to you. We offer week day and weekend guided walks subject to the weather and availability. We also do Trekking Gift Vouchers for the person who has or has done everything. Email to order and book when you are ready. Vouchers are valid for 12 months after purchase.

Cost is £28 per person per hour this excludes any extra time you may spend with us getting the animals ready and tea and cake afterwards. Picnic option available. Discounts given to family groups.

Please read our Terms and Conditions here before booking
download Walk Terms and Conditions