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Alpacas allow us a way of life that  allows us to get closer to nature and the land.  Anyone who has contact with these curious, gentle and facinating animals cannot help but be inspired .... as we were. The ancient belief is that alpacas were a gift of the goddess Pachamama - th ...


Camelidynamics Handling Gear


We have a selection of Camelidynamics equipment to help make handling, haltering and husbandry ki... Read More

Fibre Craft Supplies


We have a wide variety of raw, carded and washed and carded fibre in natural and dyed colours and... Read More

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Alpaca is hard wearing, fire resistant and so versatile that we have used it to make a variety of... Read More

Pacca Pen Pals

Sadly we have to close for the forseeable future due to the current Government Covid 19 lockdown.

However, we would like to introduce "Pacca Pen Pals"

Do you have or know of any children currently struggling with lock down, anxious about covid and all the uncertainty about when and how schools might reopen?

Perhaps a regular, real life, hold in your hands, letter from an alpaca or llama might help.

If you would like to sign up for our Pacca Pen Pals, please send an email to simplyalpaca@btinternet.com, with the child(rens) name(s), age, date of birth, any issues and address and the alpacas will start sharpening their pencils.

Please take the opportunity to exercise in the fresh air, remember, being outside in nature will help with anxiety, depression and down tight fed-up with covid feeling. 

As soon as possible, we hope to be able to offer meet and feed sessions to all NHS staff to help combat stress and anxiety and increase feelings of well-being.

Thank you for your continued support in these difficult times.

Course Dates 20219 (Covid dependent)

Working with Alpacas in Animal Assisted Activity/Therapy May 8th-9th, Therapist Day 10th Details here

Two Day Handling with Camelidynamics Techniques   May 22nd-23rd Details here

See my latest video about support alpacas here

Camelidynamics has been recognised as an appropriate handling method for vets. See this article I wrote for  Offical Vet Magazine
Details here

Alpacas surprise residents at a local care home.
Click Here to see more

Visits for Schools


The Stables Holiday Cottage

Bookings now being taken for 2021. Call Victoria on 07980 587562 to check availability. 

The Stables Holiday Cottage is part of a refurbished out building offering an ensuite double bedroom, lounge and fully fitted kitchen. 

Both rooms have full length windows and double French doors that op ...