Alpaca Experience Days

Ever seen an alpaca and been intrigued? Now's your chance to get up close to them.
Welcome to SimplyAlpaca Experiences. 
Being around our boys and girls brings us so much pleasure that we would like to share the "feel good" factor that they can impart to your life.

We offer:

Alpaca Trekking
Meet and Greet Sessions
Alpaca Picnics
Alpaca Parties
Illustrated talks and visits
Introduction Days

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Please read the Terms and Conditions here before booking
Wheelchair Alpaca visit
Accessibility and Inclusivity Policy
Accessibility and Inclusivity Policy
All businesses have a legal duty to not discriminate against disabled people under the Equality Act 2010. 
SimplyAlpaca is committed to creating accessible activities for all regardless of age or disability (or any other perceived barrier to having a great time). We will make every effort to tailor experiences to maximise contact with our animals and to take part in activities at SimplyAlpaca, encouraging participation for a wide range of customers who may need specific adjustments or facilities.
We positively welcome and cater for customers with a range of differing impairments and health conditions.We are aware that individuals may have visible and invisible
  • Physical impairments that affect things like movement and reach ranges;
  • Sensory impairments that affect the ability to see, hear or communicate in the way that society generally expects;
  • Cognitive impairments that might affect behaviours in social situations, or the ability to learn and retain information. 

We work with you, our customer, to identify and remove barriers to create a positive experience for all, and if we aren’t sure what you need to make this the best experience possible, we will ask.
We have
  • Ramps and hard standing for wheel chair user animal encounters 
  • Ample hard standing car parking in close proximity to the paddocks and Studio workshop.
  • Alpacas and llamas that are well socialised and friendly allowing those with visual impairment (as well as everyone else) to enjoy the feel of their fleece and the joy of feeding them.
  • Experience in creating stimulating and enjoyable experiences for the neurodiverse, being sensitive to their needs and limitations and are active in promoting engagement.
  • A 4 step booking process on-line that is as streamlined and as simple as we could make it to enable more people to enjoy SimplyAlpaca.

If you have any particular needs and would like to discuss these before booking, please feel free to call, text, Message, WhatsApp Victoria on 07980 587562 or email at
Alpaca Picnic
Meet and Greet Sessions
Would you like the opportunity to meet, mingle and feed our fluffy, friendly alpacas? 
Look no further than our Meet and Greet sessions.
A wonderful  experience spending 30minutes in the paddock with our girls (and occasionally babies), gazing into their deep, hypnotic eyes, marvelling at their long eyelashes, and being hounded for the food that you get to take in to feed them with!
They are amazingly calm and gentle, love small children and will give you some magical memories to capture in photos.
Alpaca Walk
Alpaca/Llama Trekking
Walking with Alpacas - are you sure? 

Absolutely! These are naturally curious animals and given the opportunity to get out and about they love to nibble at new and interesting greenery (non-poisonous obviously), see new places and enjoy some different terrain. They're not that much different to us and like a break from the norm.


Terms and Conditions: please read before booking
Experience an Alpaca
Introduction Days
Interested in finding out a little more about these beautiful animals. Come and enjoy our animals on the edge of the Cotswolds and take the opportunity to get up close to these captivating creatures. This half day experience will give you some insight into their history, care requirements and what it feels like to be with them. Perfect if your are wondering if alpaca keeping is for you.

Dates 2024
Saturday 18th May
Sunday 7th July
Sunday 18th August
All sessions start at 10am


Terms and conditions: please read before booking
Alpaca Picnics
Pacca Picnics!!
We offer you the opportunity to book a picnic experience with our alpacas.
This will allow you and your immediate family exclusive use of our picnic bench, or bring a rug to throw on the grass, in the courtyard garden overlooking the alpacas. 
There are hand washing facilities in the paddock for after visiting the alpacas and in the court yard.
One hour slots (or multiples of) at £25 to include alpaca food, are available on Tuesdays and Saturdays, you just need to bring your picnic.
Please call 07980 587562 to book.
Alpaca Party
Alpaca Parties
Stuck for original birthday party ideas? 
Would love something a bit different that is educational as well? 

Children's Alpaca Parties are celebration parties with a difference. A never to be forgotten experience of getting up close to the alpacas with an opportunity to stroke and handle them.

They aren't just for children either making for a very special event at any age!

Alpaca penning
Illustrated Talks, Visits and Demonstrations
Illustrated Talks 
We woulld like to invite you to take advantage of our setting, the glorious alpacas and our knowledge by offering illustrated talks. They can be adapted for all groups from Brownies and Cubs, the WI and Inner Wheel to Young Farmers. Our talks cover all aspects of the alpaca from their ancient origins in South America to their place on the modern farm and as fleece producers. 
Our talks are fully illustrated with slides of our own alpacas, and we have many stories to tell of their quirky personalities and the ups and downs of living and working with these delightful and sometimes infuriating creatures.
We can include a demonstration of felting techniques.
Examples of raw and prepared fleece, knitted/crocheted and felted goods and yarn will be on display and available to purchase. 
Talks include refreshments. 
We are also available to come to your meeting. We are able to bring laptop, projecter, screen and extension cable plus examples of our fleece products.

We can bring our alpacas and llamas to schools, colleges, residential and nursing homes to provide an different experience for pupils, residents and staff. Not only are they entertaining but feeding and stroking them will provide a talking point to encourage even the quietest individual to open up and engage in social activity.
We can also bring along a variety of products from raw and prepared fleece and yarn to knitted and felted items to add a sensory dimension to the experience.
We are fully equiped with hurdles so we are able to create a meet and greet pen at your location (A patch of grass is preferred but not mandatory). We will clear up and remove any "alpaca beans" deposited during the visit - unless of course you would like to keep it for the garden, it is a most excellent soil conditioner!!

Educational Days Out
School groups are welcome for meet, greet and feed sessions, informative talk and a fibre felting session.
Please allow approximately 90mins.