Camelid Handling Clinics

Our training is based on the Camelidynamics approach which is a respectful and effective way to train and handle llamas and alpacas. Both Victoria and Roger are Senior Camelidynamics Consultants and have trained extensively with it's founder.

It was developed by Marty McGee Bennett who has over 30 years of experience with camelids. It is a collection of methods that represents the most positive least intrusive techniques for training and managing camelids.

Marty’s methods incorporate elements of TTouch and TTeam; principles and techniques developed by Linda Tellington Jones which have been thoughtfully adapted for llamas and alpacas.

More recently, we have looked to the world of behaviour and found that all of Marty's principles are supported by the science. We look more specifically at why our animals do what they do, recognising  how we make it difficult for our alpacas and llamas to do what we want.

We will help you to learn how to train and manage your llamas and alpacas in a way that gives you an understanding of their behavior and the importance of balance and leverage in paving the way for cooperation instead of relying on restraint and force. Victoria has gained a Certificate of Excellence following an intensive 8 week international webinar course Living and Learning with Animals 2014 with Dr Susan Friedman of Utah State University. USA.
You will learn a set of skills that once mastered, make every animal easier to work with. Whether your difficulty lies in catching, haltering, and leading or husbandry tasks like injections or toe nail trimming, this approach based on Camelidynamics principles offers respectful, scientifically sound answers that anyone can learn and use safely and effectively.

If you would like to find out more about therapy with alpacas look here.

If you would like to organise and host a course at your location, please contact Victoria on 07980 587562 to discuss your requirements and potential costs.

I attended a CAMELIDynamics course at the Simply Alpaca farm in May 2016 to help me decide if my long dreamed for idea of having pet alpacas could be sensibly and practically turned into a reality that would suit both me and the animals. I had had no hands-on experience with these beautifu ...

Training Dates 2020
Handler Course
Taking enquires for 2021.

Refresh and Refine Day

Alpaca Assisted Intervention Course

Taking enquires for 2021.

Camelid Handling for Vets and Veterinary Staff
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Victoria is now offering one to one work with you and your animals via WhatsApp
This is perfect if you prefer a more personalized approach that looks at your specific issues. Advice is available on handling, training and facility set up.

Cost: £25 per half hour session 

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After the C ...

Two Day Handling Course
This is an introduction to a whole different way of thinking about and handling alpacas and llamas based on the practical application of behaviour science. The aim is to focus not on the goal but on how that goal is achieved using techniques that are gentle, as well as efficie ...

Four Day Camelidynamics with Marty McGee Bennett
Two, Three, but best is four day Camelidynamics Handling Course, now booked for 6th - 9th March 2021 at Mullacott Alpacas in Devon with the founder of Camelidynamics - Marty McGee Bennett.

Full details here

There is no substitute for seeing CAMELIDynamics in action…taught by the perso ...

Working with Alpacas and Llamas in Animal Assisted Activity, Therapy and Education

As public awareness of the benefits of animal-assisted interventions increases and more providers are looking to set up programmes, there is an ever growing need to ensure a consistent, responsible and safe approach to these interventions. 

I am a Senior Camelidynamics Consultant, a q ...

Refresh and Refine Day
If you have completed a handling course here with us at SimplyAlpaca's Camelid Connection or with another Camelidynamics instructor but have forgotten some of the finer details or are experienceing particular problems, this is the day for you.
We will be revisiting the science of behaviour and employ ...

Camelid Handling for Vets and Veterinary Staff
Do you or your colleagues come into contact with alpacas and llamas in the course of your work? Wondered what might be the best way to approach and handle them - like a horse, a sheep or a cow?  
The answer is like none of these. Camelids are unique animals and working efficiently, effectively ...

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Single: £300 per person 
Additional person from the same farm:  £200 
Third day:  £100 per person, £80 when from the same farm   

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