Fibre Workshops

Come and enjoy our animals in their home setting and take the opportunity to learn about their fibre, its preparation and use. Have go at spinning and felting and make something soft  and wonderful to take home with you.

Get a group of friends together (min 3, max 6) and we will put together a day for you. We can offer half day or full day classes. All refreshments (with lunch for full days) and materials included.

Felted scarves
23 Feb 2016
Fluffy Fun!!
All courses start at 10am til 4pm or  when our projects are complete.

Create your own group and arrange a date to suit you. The perfect antedote to Covid and winter weather! 

Introduction to Felting
Call to arrange a date

Or get a group of up to four people together for a day all to yourselves and give me a call.

Alpaca fleece is wonderful for felting projects as it is so soft with less of the “tickle factor” of sheep’s wool and as the fibres are hollow it gives an amazingly warm and light finish. Felt is the oldest form of fabric known to mankind and consists of layers of fibre that have been agitated and compressed until the fibres lock together forming a mat. This most versatile of processes shows you how to create flat felt such as a scarf using wet felting techniques. Then after a home cooked lunch, if you are staying for the full day, the opportunity to try your hand at needle felting a picture panel. Having learned the basics you can easily practise your skills at home with  fibre and kits available to buy on the day.
And if your interest is piqued, we offer more advanced courses moving on to making 3d wet felted items such as hats and slippers.
Full day £85

Spinning for Beginners
Please call to register your interest

Fascinated by the the process of turning fibre into yarn? Join us for a day learning - you will be introduced to processing alpaca fibre at home ready to learn how to spin on a drop spindle and on a wheel.
Taught by Marilyn Wright (my sister!) who has written articles for international spinning magazines and taught in the USA as well as many local classes. She will show you all the tips and tricks to make your foray into this wonderful world a smooth one.
Refreshments, lunch and all materials supplied
Full day £85

Call to register interest in our next workshop or gather a group of friends and family and create your own event.
Great for hen parties, team building, de-stressing, digital de-toxing.

Simply Alpaca spinning
Spinning and Felting Workshops
Improver Spinning Workshop
Brush up your skills and problem solve with an expert teacher Marilyn Wright (my sister) who has spun and taught for many years including in the USA.
If you have a wheel you are struggling along, bring it along and let Marilyn help set it up for you.

Spinning Novelty Yarns
Having mastered the basic spinning technique have a go at creating novelty yarns to make your knitting and crochet more fun.

Spinners Trouble Shooting Day

Got the basics or thought you had? Trouble with setting up and adjusting your wheel? Whatever the problem we can help you solve it. Bring your own wheel if you wish.

Picture making using wet and needle felting techniques
Combine the two techniques to create imaginative and decorative pictures, wall hangings or panels that can be used for cushions or other applications.

Felted Hats and Slippers

Learn the technique of creating 3d seamless wet felt in this full day workshop to create your own unique slippers and hats to custom fit. Be prepared to get your shoes and socks off the do the final fitting on your own feet! And to get a wet head sizing your new hat!!
Spinning for Colour

How to blend and ply fibres and colours for interesting effects in your finished knitting or crochet.

All tuition, course notes, refreshments, lunch and materials included.
Full day £85 per person Half day £45